Takahashi Mewlon 210mm aperture, FL=2415mm, f/11.5 Dall-Kirkham Cassegrain telescope. The Dall-Kirkham optical system uses an elliptical primary mirror and a convex spherical secondary.

Zeiss II German Equatorial Mount.

Starlight Xpress HX-516 CCD camera (660 x 474 pixels, 7.4mm x 7.4mm pixels, monochromatic, 16 bit, 4.9mm x 3.6mm)

This camera was purchased from Adirondack Video Astronomy. The camera provides tremendous bang for the buck, and the staff at AVA provides great technical support!

True Technology flip-mirror and dichroic RGB+Clear+IR block filters.

Photo guidescope (not pictured) Mizar 68mm x 800mm (f/11.8) Achromat.

Mounting system: A/P DOVE LM female saddle on GEM.

Losmandy D-series dovetail mounting plate and top accessory plate on Parallax rings.