My Feathered Houseguests


B1_THMB.GIF 600x400 gif

"Tweety Bird", an orange-cheeked cockatiel, came to live with me in 1982.

B4_THMB.GIF 600x400 gif

This little guy was found wet, cold and too young to fly in some ivy where I work at Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He had evidently fallen from his nest (which couldn't be located), and had no way to get back "home". For two weeks he became my houseguest . There, he was fed and cared for until he gained his strength and flying skills, whereupon he was released to the wild. In this photo he is trying to determine if this digital intruder is friend or foe.

B5_THMB.GIF 600x400 gif

Here, the juvenile hummingbird stretches for an "artificial nectar" feeding.

B6_THMB.GIF 600x400 gif

Calisthenics to build muscles...

B2_THMB.GIF 600x400 gif

Suddenly, FLIGHT!

B7_THMB.GIF 600x400 gif

Hovering is cool...


B3_THMB.GIF 600x400 gif

but showing off for the camera is a blast!

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